Since I have been asked about switching track, I feel I need to clarify. To change track you press the arrows that appear at the junction portals. The red bars mark out the area of where you can switch track, this is when the arrows appear.

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If you would like to get in contact then please send an email to:


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Face Glyph

Its always been a dream making games. If things go well, then Face Glyph Studios will become a great reality.

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Welcome to the official Rail Blazer game site

Hello and welcome to the official site of the game.

Rail Blazer

I hope to update you with news of updates and future plans for the game soon.

If all goes well, expect to see new features and gameplay mechanics as well as a standalone iPad version. This is based upon if the game is well received, which would afford me the finances and time, to work on the game and improve it.

There are already plans affot to cut the game size down by half. This will take some time. And there are plans to release an extremely cut down Lite version of the game.

Thank you for dropping by.

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